Welcome to Hor-RIFF-ic Productions’ Evil Lair!

Who are we? Well, we’re the goriest couple in movie riffing that’s who! Gary Slasher is your typical cleaver wielding psychopath, but was unable to get past the other blood soaked peers in his field and make it on the Big Screen. So he decided to take those Hollywood big-shots down a peg or two, after all – if you can’t join ’em, riff ‘em!

Erin Slasher, a brain devouring zombie with a heart of gold, was happy to tag along and help take on the horror industry that for years has reduced her kind to shuffling, moaning cannon fodder. Together they formed Hor-RIFF-ic Productions.

With all of the spirit of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and all the added stickiness of buckets of blood we tear our more successful brethren to shreds with our sharp wit and sharper tongues. With the supply of fresh brains our only limitation, no horror movie is safe!

So feel free to look around and see our latest victims. But be sure to wear protective goggles, and Scotch guard the carpet or it will stain.


The Slashers.

5 comments on “Welcome to Hor-RIFF-ic Productions’ Evil Lair!

  1. Thank you guys for keeping this form of entertainment (riffing/fan made commentaries) fresh funny and truly entertaining. I am eagerly awaiting your next victim.

  2. You have got to do a Riff-Off like RiffTrax did on NatGeo. Fear.net or Chiller channel obviously. Halloween time would be appropriate if it can be done with the powers that be.

    Also, when are you going to do more Friday the 13th ? You did the first 5, you can’t stop there. lol.

  3. Just came across your riffs on rifftrax. I watched sleep away camp and Halloween safety shorts. Went back and bought Friday the 13th! Love it so far. Great job! I will probably end up purchasing everything!

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