2 comments on “Dracula (1931)

  1. I will finish your DVD cover when I get back in town in a couple of days

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  2. Now, Dracula has been one of my favorite movies since I first saw it on TV as a little kid probably in 1970. I loved it then and I still love it. Hell, I got the Universal Classic DVDs when they first came out like 15 years ago and when they came out on Blu-Ray (hmmm, a 80 year movie on Blu-ray…) last year, I JUMPED on them and still love them. I wondered how they would cover this………..

    EXCELLANT I say.

    They did the perfect thing to do with great movies……made fun of the things in the movie that seemed a bit odd and did not do the “well this movie sucks” kind of riffs. Cuz we all know, it does NOT suck (although Dracula sucks neck). They picked the right things to make fun of, things that we probably would not notice in the movie as we are watching it and liking it so much. Like the last few seconds of the movie…..we all loved it, but their jokes were a “yeah, what the hell happened?” kind of thing that worked.

    It is nice to have a good movie with a good riff. I really cannot recommend this one enough.

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